Compellio: New data in the wine sector with blockchain as a “vehicle”

The IT company, in collaboration with AMPELOOENIKI, creates the first wine data assurance service in Greece, which utilizes, among other things, blockchain technology

Ensuring the validity of certifications concerning the quality and origin of products is of crucial importance as it is directly related to product safety and consumer protection.

Especially in the context of the new European policies and funding aimed at the digital modernization of the primary sector and trade, the increase of trust through transparency and traceability of products is a key driving force that creates unique opportunities for those businesses that will provide measurable and reliable data from all stages of production and distribution of their products.According to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, digital transformation is the future for the wine world and a catalyst for boosting productivity, sustainable development and increasing value to the customer through new business models.

Compellio, in collaboration with AMPELOOENIKI, creates the first wine data assurance service in Greece, which utilizes, among other things, blockchain technology.
The service enhances the transparency of procedures and facilitates compliance with European and international regulatory provisions, with the aim of better ensuring the conformity and quality of the final product to the consumer.

Focusing on the development and modernization of its services and mainly on ensuring the trust and safety of its customers, AMPELOOENIKI declares its presence in the new developments, with the help of Compellio.The technological capabilities provided by Compellio’s electronic tools offer an unaltered “digital seal” of authenticity and ownership to all kinds of data and files, which remain unchanged and controllable in a fully transparent manner and compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The new collaboration offers the user the opportunity, through a secure digital environment, to directly monitor wine issues, laboratory analysis results as well as to analyze prices and availability of products before placing an order. Extremely important is the possibility of traceability that is offered and that makes the process of searching for and locating older data (financial data, analyses, advisory instructions, orders, etc.) faster and easier.

Finally, it is also noteworthy to ensure the authenticity of the registered data through a complete digital environment that aims, in the future, to contribute to the creation of the e-Certificate and the e-Label, which will enable traders and consumers, respectively, to easily derive the information they are interested in using their mobile phone.

“We are very pleased about our strategic partnership with AMPELOOENIKI, which aims at the broader digital transformation of the wine industry through the use of modern technologies such as blockchain, big data, and Internet-of-Things (IoT). With this new service we aspire to provide innovative solutions to accelerate the digital transition of businesses and strengthen the mechanisms for the certification and traceability of products and services, as well as consumer protection.”, stated Dionysis Avrilionis, founder of Compellio.

“The digital world is now a fact and we must as a company respond to this challenge by assisting the wineries, in a first stage by facilitating access and traceability of our services, whether it is export analysis, tank monitoring, or ordering oenological materials and in the future participating in the creation of e-Label and e-Certificate services.The transition of our services to a digital environment will start immediately with a small number of customers and we hope to cover our entire clientele by the end of 2022.”, said Anna Goulioti, manager of AMPELOOENIKI.

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