Collaboration between SEV and The University of Western Greece. Macedonia in the digital and green transition

The aim is to link research and education with entrepreneurship, technological transformation and the long-term enhancement of regional development in the context of productive transformation in a low-carbon economy

A cooperation agreement with multiple benefits for young people, students and researchers, as well as for businesses, especially in the Greek region, was signed by the administrations of the University of Western Macedonia and SEV, at a meeting held in the city of Kozani, on Friday, April 15, 2022.The cooperation agreement aims at the development of joint initiatives to support the development of SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) member companies and entrepreneurship in general, the enhancement of applied research, the interconnection of graduates of the University of Western Macedonia with the labor market and the support of the green transition.

The agreement is a sign of common will for a more substantial interconnection and cooperation between universities, research centers and businesses, as was the case with the recent cooperation agreements with the Athens University of Economics and Business, the NTUA, the NCSR “Demokritos, the Democritus University of Thrace, the industrial doctorates at the University of Patras, the internship for members of the Association, as well as the AIMinds Academy in collaboration with SAS in various Higher Education Institutes of the country.

What does the TIM-SEV cooperation agreement include?

“Upskilling”: Design and provision of education programs by the University of Western Macedonia, which will aim to enhance skills, especially in the new digital skills required in the labor market and according to the needs of businesses.

“Digital transformation”: Design and provision of training programs by the University of Western Macedonia, which will aim to contribute to the digital transformation of SEV member companies.

“Interconnection for technology transfer and innovation”. Design, development and implementation of innovation programs, both for Startups and for existing businesses, which wish to implement new ideas for the production and distribution of their products
domestically or abroad.

“Interconnection with Industry”. The program includes an offer of internships to students of the University of Western Macedonia by the member-enterprises of SEV. The internship will aim at better connecting students with the market, but also provide the possibility of staffing companies with new staff possessing modern skills.

“Link to research”. Elaboration of analyses or studies on issues related to the interest of SEV member-enterprises through the dissertations of postgraduate students of the University of Western Macedonia, or (b) through the assignment of the analysis/ study to postdoctoral students of the University under the supervision of a faculty member of the University of Western Macedonia.

“Applied Doctoral Research”. The program concerns the elaboration of applied academic research on issues related to the interest of the members of SEV, through the elaboration of doctoral dissertations by researchers of the University of Western Macedonia. The topics of the research arise from an expression of interest of the member companies of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises.

“Interconnection with the labour market”. Physical or electronic meetings of senior and senior executives of SEV member-enterprises, in order to transfer their experience to the students of the University of Western Macedonia, in consultation with the academic heads of the Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programs of Study.

“Interconnection and networking with the labor market – Exchange of Know-how” with meetings of specialists, organization of lectures and “career days” and visits to businesses.

“With the signing of the agreement between the TIM and the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, we are further strengthening the ties between businesses and the TIM in a region of national importance and specific challenges.Universities and businesses will work closely together in the exchange of knowledge, technology transfer and the development of modern skills as critical demands for innovation, the green transition and the professional perspective of students. We believe that the region of Western Macedonia has developed, among other things, a particularly interesting industrial consciousness that can be exploited effectively, in the context of productive transformation in a low-carbon economy. Our common goal is to support students, researchers, universities and businesses to successfully cope with the great challenges of the time, and to enhance regional development, empower our young people and accelerate technological transformation.”, stated the President of the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, Efthimios O. Vidalis.

“The agreement with SEV gives significant momentum to the work done by the University of Western Macedonia to connect our students with the future and the new professional opportunities in dynamic sectors that will play a leading role both during the transition period and in the post-lignite era.Our firm commitment is that the University, apart from being a central core of knowledge, research and innovation production in the Region, will be a driving force for the creation of new entrepreneurship, new employment and new investments that will create multiple benefits for local communities and enhance the prospects of prosperity and development in the new era for Western Macedonia.”,said the Rector of the TIM, Professor Theodoros Theodoulides.

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