The startups that participate in the Level-up program of Bayer Hellas

Level-up is a program of support and consulting of startups of different maturity, with the main goal of developing innovative ideas in viable businesses that can grow either organically or through securing funding.

The design of the Level-up program aims to cover the full range of needs of a startup in the areas mentioned above, providing participants with access to mentoring by specialized, high-ranking executives of the company, with experience in the field of Health and Agriculture.

Also, counseling will be offered by company executives, so that the startup will acquire additional skills if it participates in international competition programs of Bayer (such as G4A) and can be a candidate partner of the company locally or at a regional level, but also in special seminars on key issues that concern startups such as fundings.

Eight out of the ten startups of the program are:

Sentio Solutions develops biomarkers and digital treatments to change the way we diagnose, manage and take care of mental health. It participates in many research projects and has developed a “sentiment sensor.”

Advantis is developing high-end medical imaging software applications and cloud and recently gained significant approval from the US FDA.

JADBio is developing an autoΜL platform with industry-leading AI tools and automation capabilities that allow scientists to create and develop accurate, predictable and functional models, without programming.

EdenCore has developed an extensive data library to be processed regarding nutrient deficiency in a wide range of crops in relation to various plant diseases and the use of pesticides. It began as an initiative of the Agricultural University of Athens.

Terra Robotics develops an electric four-wheeled robot that can navigate autonomously within the crop by performing a wide range of agricultural tasks while using algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect plant diseases, analyze crop quality and accurately collect agriculture data.

Collaborate is a digital health platform for the prevention, management and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, connecting doctors and patients.

Docandu is an online platform that supports patients’ interaction with their doctors using artificial intelligence.

MDN Labs has developed KYTION which is solar, autonomous robots that can navigate through greenhouses and fields of agricultural production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with minimum human supervision.

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