Award for the students of the National Robotics Team “First Global Challenge Team Greece

In a special event in the event hall “Jacqueline de Romigi” of the Ministry of Education, the students who make up the Greek National Robotics TeamFirst Global Challenge Team Greece” were awarded. They won three medals in the Robotics Olympiad FIRST GLOBAL Challenge “Discover and Recover 2021”, which was held remotely and national teams from 191 countries participated.

Specifically, it won the gold medal in the CATEGORY FIRST Global Challenge Award in the field of Health, the silver medal for the project “Panacea” in the category FIRST Global Challenge Award and the bronze medal as well as the 3rd place in the general classification of the Olympiad.

The Minister of Education, Niki Kerameus, congratulated the children and stressed that despite the pandemic and the difficulties of the time, “you managed to cooperate, but also to be awarded”. “The Ministry of Education believes in robotics”, added Mrs Kerameus, “that’s why since the current school year robotics has been included in the compulsory curriculum of schools.

Greetings were also addressed by the Deputy Ministers of Education, Zeta Makri and Angelos Syrigos and the Regional Governor of Attica, Giorgos Patoulis.

The robotPanacea” has the ability to disinfect a small space, monitor the pressure, temperature, oxygen of many patients at the same time, recall the reception and dosage of drugs, take photos, be able to provide oxygen to a patient and through an application inform the attending physician about the patient’s course.

The National Robotics Team consists of 30 children from all over Greece aged 14-18 years old, who were selected based on their knowledge in programming and robotics, their involvement with the sciences and finally with their experience of participating in respective national and international events.

According to the organizers, “this year’s Olympiad is about Discover & Recover and aims to motivate young people around the world to research and propose innovative solutions that will aim to address the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in four areas: health, education, economy and the environment.” The Greek National Team chose the key health sector, since they dealt with the environment and education in previous years.

The Greek National Robotics Team “FIRST Global Challenge Team Greece” began its course in May 2018 with the coordination of the non-profit – Educational Organization Eduact – Action for Education. The Robotics Olympiad FIRST GLOBAL Challenge is organized by FIRST Global, founded by FIRST as a non-profit charitable organization based in the USA to organize the annual Olympiad.

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