Alpha Bank: The program “Together, aiming at Health” in the Region of Thessaly

The CEO of the Group Vassilios Psaltis met with the Regional Governor of Thessaly Konstantinos Agorastos

Alpha Bank confirms its strong commitment to the practical strengthening of the National Health System through the Corporate Responsibility program “Together, aiming at Health”, which over time strengthens Health Units throughout Greece with medical equipment.

In the context of a tour conducted by the Bank’s Management in the Region of Thessaly, the CEO of the Group Vassilios Psaltis had a meeting with the Regional Governor of Thessaly Konstantinos Agorastos and the Director of the General University Hospital of Larissa, during which it was agreed to include the Region of Thessaly in the program “Together, aiming at Health“, to cover health needs in 6 health structures in the Prefectures of Larissa, Magnesia, Trikala and Karditsa.

Moreover, during the last two years, the Bank has supported the two above hospitals as well as the Health Center of Larissa, with donations of medical equipment, vehicles, consumables and equipment necessary for the treatment of Covid-19.

“At Alpha Bank, in addition to our main concern to support the progress of businesses and households, we also focus on our contribution to the real needs of society.With the program “Together, aiming at Health” we have been supporting, for 8 years, the work of local clinics, through the donation of medical equipment. In 2021 we completed the first cycle of the project, having visited a total of 70 islands, and now we are starting the second cycle, equipping health structures in mainland Greece.

The first stop of the Program is the Region of Thessaly, as in recent years we maintain close cooperation with the two Hospitals of Larissa, supporting the efforts of the medical and nursing staff. Our cooperation with the Region of Thessaly, the Hospital Administrations, the Health Region and the Municipal Authorities, is the best proof that ‘Together’ we can create the conditions for the immediate and unhindered access of all, to the most important good, that of health”, said Vassilios Psaltis, CEO of Alpha Bank Group.

“We all have the right to equal opportunities in life. We are particularly pleased that Alpha Bank’s initiative “Together, aiming at Health” in mainland Greece starts from Thessaly. The Region of Thessaly has invested more than 100 million euros to strengthen the state health system.With cooperation and synergy, with seriousness and responsibility, with empathy and solidarity, we join forces to win the future. Health is the supreme good without which everything is conditional and unquestioned. We are paving the way. This initiative deserves to find imitators.”, stated the Regional Governor of Thessaly, Konstantinos Agorastos.

Alpha Bank, with the program “Together, aiming at Health”, implemented in collaboration with the non-profit organization Barren Line Fertile, covers since 2014, imperative needs in the field of Public Health, through the donation of medical equipment, supporting the work of the local clinics of the region, aiming to enhance the quality of life and the sense of security of the residents. It is indicative that, from the beginning of the program until today, more than 833,357 of our fellow human beings had equal access to health, to their place of residence.

In 2021, the first cycle of the program “Together, Aiming at Health” was completed, during which the needs of a total of 70 islands were covered, and starting from the Region of Thessaly, the second cycle begins, aiming at the equipping and shielding of health units in mainland Greece, always with a view to supporting areas and structures, which due to geographical or other restrictions, they face significant shortcomings.

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