Acquisition of Carge by PPC – Strengthening of PPC blue

The largest electricity provider in Greece has announced the acquisition of the electrification company with the aim of enhancing its range of products and services

PPC (DEI-Public Power Corporation) , over the years, at the forefront of innovation related to the energy sector, also plays a leading role in electromobility with the DEI blue service as a vehicle, which is the most extensive network of electric vehicle charging stations in Greece.

Today, PPC, taking yet another step towards the most effective provision of its services to the ever-increasing users of electromobility in the country, announces the acquisition of Carge the company providing electromobility services.

Carge, one of the most dynamically growing Startups in its field, specializes in the development of innovative software for applications that, among other things, enable the user to navigate through a digital map, reaching the charging station from the best and fastest route. The relevant technology can also give a number of other information such as the health of the vehicle battery, etc.

With the acquisition of Carge and the integration of its digital platform into the services of its network, DEI blue further strengthens its position among the pioneers of integrated electromobility services, constantly improving the efficiency of the largest and most extensive electric vehicle charging network in the country.

“Electromobility is a new way of life, it is the future and a key strategic choice of PPC. We are rapidly developing the network of 10,000 publicly accessible chargers by 2025, we are strengthening our leading position in the Greek market, we are taking a national role in accelerating sustainable mobility.At the same time, we highlight as equally important the unique experience of the users of electric vehicles, the operation of digital applications and the continuous development of the services they offer. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Carge to PPC Group. Its integration strengthens the presence of PPC blue, enhances the range and quality of its services, confirms our commitment to the adoption of modern technological tools.The integration of Carge’s digital platform into PPC blue – a complete, developed and functional customer-centric software – comes to solve an important problem faced by users of electric vehicles: the ‘range anxiety’, i.e. the fear of drivers and (future) buyers for driving range. Electric car drivers will now be able to locate the charging station, reserve their position and eventually be able to charge their vehicle. Simple, fast and efficient. PPC blue now charges our movements within the city, but also in 65 areas throughout Greece. By the end of 2022, it is installing 1000 charging stations and is setting up a digital services platform that has as a reference point the driver of the electric vehicle and the potential user. We build the electrification of PPC based on the needs of the driver, with the largest network of public points in the country, exclusively with green energy and technologically developed services.”, said the General Manager of Electromobility of PPC, Kyriakos Kofinas.

“Within a short period of time, the implementation of Carge was at the top of the digital stores in its category, received significant distinctions and developed strategic partnerships with strong players in the field. The joining of forces with PPC is part of the new era of an organization with a long history. The next day seems to be of interest to all parties involved. We would like to thank those who trusted us and we continue with a common vision to make recharging electric cars a daily way of life.The PPC Blue Network is today the No1 Network of publicly accessible Electric Car chargers, with more than 550 Chargers throughout Greece. PPC blue services, in addition to recharging services, will introduce new smart navigation-charging functions, and programs for registered PPC blue users.”, stated the co-founder and CEO of Carge, Eleftherios Karabatsakis.

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