Boost your Business Holiday Email Campaigns with These 8 Tips

Holiday season has probably already started for most startups and companies out there, but should you run a little bit late this year in sending your holiday email campaigns, here are a couple of useful tips & tricks, which will help you boost the performance of your holiday campaigns, we found on Moosend’s blog. Moosend offers a SaaS that helps managing mailing lists, creating and sending email marketing campaigns and tracking  results.

So, let’s hear it from the experts:

– Give your email newsletters a nice seasonal layout. Nice colours, special characters, images with stars and ribbons will give a special holiday tone to your newsletters to help your readers enter the holiday spirit. A new email template could be more than welcome.

– Use tailored offers, designed for different segments of your list. Recognizing your customers needs, from they way they interact with your newsletters, will help you be more direct, more intimate. Moosend offers a powerful list segmentation tool could help you out on this effort.

Give-aways. Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean that your sales will increase. It’s the right time to give away promotional items for free, with certain purchases, to help you with your performance. A special gift to your most loyal customers wouldn’t hurt! It is a way of recognizing their attribute to your company’s wellbeing.

Use highest ranking offers. Now it’s the time to offer the best of your products. In case your customers in your website have the opportunity to give a ranking for your products, add the products with the highest rankings to your suggestions, and offer something like “This year’s best seller” or “best product”.

– Give some holiday greetings, by personalizing your newsletter. Sending personalized greeting e-cards, with the recipient’s name and email, adds more of a personal touch to your newsletters.

Call to action. “A gift for him” or “a present for her” will remind them what they have to do to please their loving ones.

Last minute buyers are of the same importance. Not all of us are so thoughtful to promptly cover our purchases for our loving ones. Send an email campaign even on Christmas day, or on the New Year ’s Eve. You’ll be surprised how many people had no time to make purchases during the previous days, and when your email arrives in their inbox, it could be a relief.

Limited time offerings. You can also run an offer for your fans, which has a time frame, an offer that would be valid only during the holiday period. Urgency is the word here.

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