350.000 euros for greek professional hiring marketplace

Douleutaras.gr the greek marketplace for hiring professionals received funding of 350,000 euros from the investment fund PJ Catalyst of Bank of Piraeus, Apostolos Apostolakis of Venture Friends and Jason Manolopoulos.

Douleutaras.gr went online at 2013 and developed quickly enough after having created a community of 800 professionals from over 100 categories  with 11,000 users and yearly income more than 500.000 euro.

Some of the categories of professionals include: electricians, plumbers, painters, lawyers, accountants, translators and programmers, graphic designers and all related, to the internet and new media subjects.

The user choose the professional through the service and after agreed the cost, the job is done, and there is the relative assessment from users.

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The new fund is intended to expand the categories of professionals offered in Douleutaras.gr and geographic expansion in Greece and abroad.

Similar marketplace, giaola.gr also receieved a pre-series fund from NBG Business Seeds which also plan to grow in Greece and abroad, specially in Mexico and Indonesia.

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