Woof Together: First funding and participation in international accelerator

Woof Together announced its participation, together with seven other startups from all over the world, in Leap Venture Studios accelerator program as well as the closing of its round A funding. 

Leap Venture Studio is the first accelerator concerning pet care and is integrated in the initiatives of Mars pet care and Middleton Found Animals for the improvement of pets’ life and their owners.

The aim of the program is to help the participating companies to reinforce their business plans, prepare their next steps and create a brand with the minimum possible features which will make it viable. In order to achieve this the companies of the accelerator raised funds up to $200,000 with their introduction to the studio.

Woof together, which as we said before is one of these companies, was chosen for its vision to make trips easier for people and pets. The Greek startup with Elena Dede as CEO converts hotels and other accommodation places into ideal destinations for dogs offering a series of services and high quality products.

The Greek Startup assesses, certifies and trains businesses in the accommodation sector in order to make them pet friendly while at the same time offers the products they need to make this procedure easier. These products include dog beds, feeders, trash bags and cleansers and arrive at every hotel as a package at a fixed price.

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