Schoox: Learning and Talent Development

With the deep belief that in the contemporary and particularly competitive world where we live in business environments are those which affect significantly the luck and the happiness of their people, their constant training and the development of their skills are more important than ever.The responsibility of the companies therefore is big and they should see this obligation as one of their missions.

This vision was Schoox’s motive for the development of an e-learning and talent development platform. The platform has a wide spectre of features which allow a company to develop a complete electronic academic environment for its people education and development as well as knowledge management within the organization.

As a platform in the education and knowledge management field it covers the modern and online education, data and content management and sharing, collaboration and communication between members as well as the “gamification” of education which through competition boosts members’ interest about learning.In the field of talent development it covers the development of skills, objective setting as well as progress assessment. One of the platform’s innovations is the possibility to measure the impact of education in various rates of people and business efficiency.

Also, the platform can automatically suggest from single courses to individual education routes depending on the profile and the skills that the workplace demands.

The company will soon add two new features , micro-education and the one of coaching and mentoring. Micro-education allows the fast assignment of educational material at fixed days and moments which can be assimilated fast and easily and the assessment of knowledge integration. This education type is important mostly in first line professions. Coaching and mentoring are new trends in individual guiding and support of employees depending on their needs and ambitions. With these features Schoox will be one of the most complete and most innovative education and development platforms in the global market.

The company has almost 2,000 customers.The vast majority is in the USA , but many of them have a strong presence in the global market. The size of the customers varies from companies which have some hundreds of employees to companies which have 500,000 employees in more than 120 countries.Totally more than 14 million users have been using Schoox’s platform.

Schoox entered the sector of electronic education almost 8 years ago, in a market which had over 700 competitors some of which had a significant size and strong presence in the global market. The chances of success were therefore little. However it managed very soon to develop one of the most innovative products and successfully enter the American market which is known for the high level of demands and competition. Among the 2000 customers there are a lot of powerful names of the global market like PepsiCo, Subway, BNI, Allstate Insurance, Chick-fil-A and others. It is also important to mention that Schoox’s platform can be used by all employees of the companies. The company has also a very high development rate every year achieving at the same time to be profitable and have positive cash flows. It has also achieved to have very high rates of customer satisfaction with the level of customer retention reaching 100% even though it serves some of the most demanding organizations of the global market.

The way a company uses Schoox’s platform depends on the size and the maturity level it has as far as development and education objects are concerned. There are some companies which have activated all their features from electronic education and “ gamification” of education to skills development and employees assessment. There are companies which only use the features of electronic education. The use of the platform enables companies to conquer quickly the level of the minimum knowledge that people should have depending on their specialization and responsibilities. The most mature and developed businesses manage to develop a modern knowledge organization with benefits such as stronger development, higher customer satisfaction and more skilled people.This results to a lower degree of employees voluntary leaving at a time when competition is high and people have high demands for a business environment which can fulfill their ambitions and satisfy their need for development.

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