17 companies in the third batch of Endeavor ScaleUp

The Greek Innovation Ecosystem saw a record year in 2020 reaching 455 million euros in capital funds, an increase of 71% from 2019. It also brought a 30% growth in new jobs from ten new startups, which is an optimistic sign that the Greek ecosystem is reaching a maturity stage. Following this essential growth, Endeavor’s “ScaleUp” program welcomes 17 new highly promising companies, founded by Greek entrepreneurs all around the world.

Our program has been designed in order to support the growth of ScaleUps, that is innovative companies that can create high-impact success stories. They are at a Seed or Series A funding level, and their entrepreneurs can create new jobs and have a multiplier effect in the local and global economy. For the selection of the new cycle (batch 3), Endeavor put together a panel consisted of 41 world-class executives from companies such as Facebook, American Express, and Microsoft.Endeavor’s mentors that participated in the panel chose among 41 companies those entrepreneurs who are already leading a successful course and have the ability to develop rapidly the next few years, consisting the next success stories and have a positive impact through the creation of new jobs.

The companies that participate in the ScaleUp program are 41!Through the program, entrepreneurs have access to strategic guidance from expert mentors around the world, to possible investors through the international Endeavor investor network, strategic support in developing and expanding to new markets, and the organization’s cooperation with universities and businesses internationally, to attract talents. ScaleUp’s participants have attracted 250 million euros in investments, while in 2020 increased the number of jobs created by 35%, and their revenue by 60%.

The third batch of the program consists of the following members:Advantis, Anodyne, Arrikto, Better Origin, Billfront, Causaly, Classter, DCI, Green Panda, Instacar, Manual, Numan, Prosperty, Sync, TileDB, Vimachem και Voda.ai. It is important to notice that 6 out of 17 selected companies operate in the field of health technology that has achieved great growth the last few years.

“With the initiation of the new batch, Endeavor ScaleUp now supports 41 companies in different technological sectors, 50% of which are abroad, which makes Endeavor ScaleUp an international community of promising companies for Greece” stated Anna Natsvlishvili, Innovation Programs Manager at Endeavor Greece.

The Greek Innovation Ecosystem is in a period of prosperity and there is a growing ambition for Greece to become a major technology hub, through the collaboration with world class tech entrepreneurs and affect positively the Greek tech. Endeavor’s ScaleUp program brings together entrepreneurs who are based and operate all over the world and want to make an impact on the Greek economy through the creation of their own success story!

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