Venture Fair: New opportunities for the top Greek Startups

Investors from Greece and the global scene are going to watch the presentations of Startups in the framework of The Hellenic Initiative on July 11, in Athens

Six up-and-coming Greek Startups are preparing to pitch the innovative solutions they have developed, to investors from Greece and around the world.

The presentations will take place as part of The Hellenic Initiative’s (THI) Venture Fair, which will take place in person on July 11, in Athens.

The 6th annual Venture Fair is the core of the events, within the framework of ATHINA2022, during which the 10th anniversary of THI will be celebrated, with the presence of the most dynamic Startups and charitable organizations in Greece.

The Startups that come from the domestic ecosystem and are going to chase the new opportunity they are given are:

•Feel Therapeutics

Venture Fair is an “American-style” pitching to interested international and domestic investors.

The aim of the program is to attract capital to Greece and enhance growth. Since 2015, when it was first launched, Venture Fair offers a unique opportunity to young Greek entrepreneurs who wish to “raise” capital for their companies.

Those who are selected are properly prepared by the consultants of THI.

The Startups selected by THI this year, among the many that applied, represent some of the most promising Startups in Greece. These are intended to raise funding of 2-5 million euros while they are already preparing intensively to present their ideas, visions, and business plans on 11 July.

“Venture Fair 2022 is the perfect way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of THI, focusing on both the extremely talented young people in Greece, as well as the members of the THI family, who will act with dedication as mentors, guiding them towards success.”, said George P. Stamas, THI Board President.

THI is a global, non-profit organization that unites Greeks of the diaspora and philhellenes in order to invest in the future of Greece through programs that focus on economic growth and crisis response. The best advertisement for the success of THI’s efforts is the media reports on the achievements of Startups that have been supported so far by Venture Fair: Blueground, introduced at 2016’s THI, is on its way to becoming a unicorn. Shortly after its launch at the 4th Venture Fair in 2018, Think Silicon was acquired by Applied Materials. A few months ago, Spotawheel, presented at the 2016 Vanity Fair, raised 100 million euros in order to expand its activities in the second-hand car market.

On the evening of July 11th, THI will host a cocktail reception at the Zappeion Megaron for friends, participants and supporters of the wider “THI family”, members of the Greek Diaspora from the USA and around the world, as well as for senior executives of the most important Greek companies. The guests will also meet the participants of the Venture Fair 2022, as well as award-winning previous events.

On July 12, the new Plant a Tree program of THI organizes a morning voluntary event: participants will go up to Hymettus to take care of the more than 2,200 trees planted by THI last May, as part of the ongoing campaign to reforestation the areas affected by the 2021 fires and to improve the quality of life.

Then, the members of the Board of Directors of THI will attend a luncheon hosted in their honor by the U.S. Ambassador to Greece, George Tsunis, at the residence of the ambassador. The two-day program of events will end on the evening of July 12, with the first Athens New Leader cocktail, with guests of THI the dynamic New Leaders, young professionals 25-40 years old.

“The global community of the Diaspora shows particular interest and is ready to support those who, through innovation and entrepreneurship, are shaping the new Greece. At THI we are delighted to have supported the Greek Startup community over the last decade and we will continue to do so, as this is at the core of our mission,” said Tina Courpas, THI’s Executive Director.

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