US Pay-Per-View Industry to earn more than 2 billion dollars in 2021 and reach 100 million users by 2022

The Pay-Per-View (PPV) industry is under threat with the rise of the streaming industry, yet continues to play an important role in markets such as the US. According to data presented by, the PPV segment in the US is expected to generate $2.06B in 2021 – a 12.5% YoY increase from 2020. The number of PPV users is also expected to rise to 100M in 2022.

US PPV Industry Leads World with Over $2B Revenue in 2021

The PPV industry has been under threat in recent years with the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. The industry now mostly deals in sports content and continues to make its mark in markets such as the US where it still has a respectable foothold. In 2021, the pay-per-view industry in the US is projected to generate $2.06B after growing by 12.5% from 2020.

The US’ more than $2B revenue from the PPV segment is the largest in the world and is almost double the next largest revenue generated by the UK at $1.12B. From 2021-2025 revenue from the PPV industry in the US is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.96%, reaching $2.7B by the end of the forecast period.

PPV Users in the US To Reach 100M in 2022

The lockdowns of 2020 caused a spike in engagement for the PPV industry. In 2020, the PPV industry in the US added just under 12M users for a more than 15% increase. In 2021, 5M more users are expected to be added for a projected total of 96.4M by the end of the year and reaching 100M for the first time in 2022.

The PPV industry’s penetration rate in the US is the highest in the world at 29% in 2021 and is projected to breach the 30% mark some time in 2022.

Rex Pascual, editor at, commented, “The PPV industry gained a fierce competitor with the emergence of the video streaming industry. Since then, PPV content largely deals with sports content and finds itself at a crossroads with new players such as the DAZN group entering the industry ready to offer both on-demand sports content and high-quality streaming. Expect the PPV industry to undergo some sort of upheaval in the next few years as new business models are still emerging for an industry that has been much altered in the last few years.”

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