TrustChain applications are open 

€1.755.000 will be distributed among (up to) 15 selected projects  along with free coaching and access to infrastructure 

TrustChain project started in January 2023 to address the inherent  challenges within the current centralised Internet architecture that is not  transparent to the user, does not protect the privacy-by -default and does  not scale well through 5 Open Calls and an overall budget of €8,775M.  

The TrustChain Open Call 3 (OC3) topic is “Economics & democracy”. Transparent decentralised decision-making and asset management is  underscored. With a vision of enhancing democracy both online and beyond  through decentralized markets and communities, OC3 aims to tackle  challenges like rampant fraud in online transactions and the manipulation of  public opinion through fake news, which poses a threat to the quality of  democracy. It advocates for decentralized communities with the ability to co 

decide on sensitive issues while preserving the anonymity and votes of  individual members. 


The target applicants of this call are developers, innovators, researchers,  SMEs, and entrepreneurs working on different NGI relevant topics and  application domains at the intersection between the technical field (e.g.,  Software Engineering, Network Security, Semantic Web, Cryptography,  Blockchain, Digital Twin, Blockchain Security, Digital Identity, Blockchain  Protocol), the Social sciences and Humanities (e.g., Social Innovation, not-for 

profit sector, Social Entrepreneurship, public goods) as well as any others  including economics, environment, art, design, which can contribute to the  NGI TrustChain relevant vision. 


The evaluation process is composed of three phases:

Phase 1: Admissibility & eligibility check 

– Phase 2: Proposals evaluation 

Phase 3: Online interviews  

As part of the TrustChain action, experts in diverse fields will also provide to  Third party innovators selected technology development guidance, working  methodology as well as access to technical infrastructure, training in  business model development and data related topics, coaching, mentoring,  visibility and community building support. 

Applications are open until February 7, 2023, at 17:00 [Brussels time] Apply here: 

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