TITAN-Youthnest: The first two months of the together initiative for young people aged 25-35 close with multiple thematic and innovative workshops

The program together, the initiative of TITAN and the innovation agency Youthnest, for the empowerment of young professionals (25-35 years old) in Thessaloniki, has already completed two months.

The workshops and meetings of the program for December 2021 and January 2022 were completed having covered multiple topics, promoting work-life balance to 150 participants of the program.

together supports young professionals in Thessaloniki through a holistic 5-month program consisting of four pillars of action, which aim to contribute to:

•Familiarity with the global trends of professional skills (soft & hard skills) which will be transferred to the market of Thessaloniki.

•Enhance the confidence of young professionals in their abilities and knowledge.

•Improving the balance between their personal and professional lives.

•Strong networking, in order to create new channels of communication, ideas, Startups and opportunities to stay in the labor market of Thessaloniki.

December and January workshops – the four pillars:

toget skills: Empowering professional skills

Personal branding: The aim of the workshop was for the young professionals of Thessaloniki to get to know the good practices of building their personal and professional brand, to learn ways that will help them find their own footprint, so that they can live the life they want, following what they are passionate about, while contributing to the positive change that our society needs urgently.

Negotiations: The aim of the workshop was for the participants to understand the factors on which a negotiation depends and the presentation of practical techniques in order to improve their negotiating skills. In addition, mistakes were often made to avoid. The workshop had an interactive character, where the participants were invited to embody a role-playing game for better assimilation of the theory in practice.

toget inspiration: Inspiration from renowned professionals

Financial Literacy: Basic financial knowledge for young professionals: The aim of the workshop was to improve our financial plan and manage everyday financial issues. The participants strengthened, through personal practice and investigation, their self-confidence in order to be able to make the financial decisions that concern them.

Project Management: Project management is one of the most basic knowledge of the modern professional. The purpose of this workshop was for the participants to learn the basic concepts that define a successful project (milestones, scope, gantt chart, etc.). Participants gained a better insight into what skills are required by a successful project manager and resources to improve them.

toget wellbeing: Support on Well-Being issues

Life coaching: The aim of the workshop was to help young people set high goals in their lives. The participants of the workshop were taught the S.M.A.R.T target model that can lead them to achieve their goals, as well as how they can set clear goals and organize their action plan.

toget network: Networking and Collaboration

Meeting with community partners: The purpose of the action was to find the participants in person for the first time and on the one hand to get to know each other, and on the other hand to get to know the people behind the program (the members of the Youthnest team, the responsible executives of TITAN, as well as the instructors).The meeting had a festive and interactive character, as apart from the traditional cutting of the pie, a quiz of questions was held where the participants took part in groups (5-6 people), while at the same time there was a photobooth where whoever wanted could take pictures that they could keep as a souvenir.

The next steps of the program

The program is expected to be completed in April 2022. The next three months will be full of workshops by renowned speakers, networking events with Community Partners in Thessaloniki and an open extroversion event to announce the final results and sustainability of the community of the participants of the program.

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