Piraeus Bank: New EQUALL program for the equal digital and business training of women

The program has free participation for women over the age of 18

Piraeus Bank announced the program EQUALL which includes actions aimed at creating a society of equal people. Piraeus Bank is committed to substantially supporting the sustainable development of the Greek economy and society and undertakes initiatives to enhance female entrepreneurship, support women for their integration into the labour market and eliminate gender stereotypes.

With the aim of contributing to the formation of a society of equal people, it created the EQUALL program in the framework of which, the actions Women Founders and Makers, Women Back to Work and Profession has no Gender, in collaboration with the 100 mentors and Tipping Point.

These actions aim to support women in order to claim the position that corresponds to their value and potential, enhancing their equal access to employment and entrepreneurial activity, which are essential for their autonomy and development. At the same time, they aim to raise young people’s awareness of the choice of profession, in relation to social stereotypes.

The actions of the EQUALL Programme

Women Founders and Makers

It is a training, networking and mentoring program aimed at women who have created or wish to create their own business. Upon completion of the program, the participants receive a certification of attendance.

Through the program, participants are given the opportunity to acquire the necessary business skills in order to successfully apply the practices of modern business activity in their businesses and expand their access to sources of finance, learning the ways of raising capital and the preparation and presentation of their business plans. Also, they can develop the digital skills that will help promote their businesses and be strengthened by the acquisition of knowledge and experience. Moreover, they network in order to receive support through every step of their way and receive an assessment to develop skills such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.

Women over the age of 18 from all over Greece can participate in both programs. Registrations for the 1st cycle of actions start on March 8 and end on March 22, 2022.

Profession has no Gender

It is an educational program, in the context of which groups of students from public lower and upper secondary schools throughout Greece come into contact with mentors who are active in professions that are stereotypically intertwined with the other sex.

Women and men from Greece and abroad, connect online with the student groups, in order to share their course, experiences, challenges and achievements, with the aim of inspiring the young generation to follow the academic and professional path they want, regardless of gender. The mentors are women and men from Greece and abroad and come from a variety of professional disciplines, female engineers, scientists and CEOs, male nurses, social workers, kindergarten teachers, etc.The program targets approximately 1,200 students of public high schools across the country.

Participation in the actions and access to the digital platforms of education and mentoring are provided free of charge. At the same time, within the framework of the EQUALL program and recognizing the key role of human resources in achieving its corporate strategic goals and managing the challenges, Piraeus Bank sets specific goals and undertakes specific initiatives and actions for the formation of a working environment of respect, safety and equal opportunities for all.

Piraeus Bank has signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles of the UN Global Compact and UN Women, thus making specific commitments for the implementation of the appropriate framework that will strengthen and promote Gender Equality.In addition, it was included among the 418 companies from 45 countries and regions that joined Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index for 2022. This is an important Indicator that records the performance of companies that are committed to the transparency of the data they provide for their policy on Gender Equality issues.

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