The Turkish Mükellef raised 1 million dollars looking at extroversion

The Istanbul-based Turkish fintech Mükellef raised 1 million dollars as funding in a process led by venture capital Finberg, with the participation of Oyak Asset Management, Colendi, hiVC, as well as six total angel investors.

As an online platform that allows entrepreneurs to manage the premises of companies and all financial processes in Turkey, the US, the UK and the European Union, Mükellef contributes to the development of the entrepreneurial participation ecosystem in the countries where it enters. In fact, the Turkish company plans to enter Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malta, Montenegro, but also Hungary by the end of this year

The ultimate goal of Mükellef’s executives is to further develop its available services, while strengthening its position with powerful business partners, such as Wise, American Express, KPMG Spark and Mercury Bank in each of the markets in which it operates

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