The Cypriot WiRE in the Scale FinTech program of PwC UK

The Fintech was selected among 700 companies to join the program

Participation along with only eight other companies worldwide in the innovative program of PWC UK, “Scale FinTechScale FinTech” has been secured by the Cypriot fintech company, WiRE. The company has been selected to participate, following a rigorous evaluation of 700 companies that expressed interest in this programme.WiRE stood out among hundreds of companies, since its choice was based primarily on the innovative approach of various sources with characteristics of the real estate market, environmental risk, natural risks, the geographical coverage of residential and commercial real estate, which will gradually cover the whole of Europe.

The “Scale FinTech” program, in which companies from all over the world participate, is an important activity of the PwC Group in collaboration with the consulting firm Growth Builders, which specializes in the development of s
Scale-up programs. The aim of the project is to develop a platform for cooperation that allows financial institutions and technology Startups to work more closely together, creating progressive benefits for the industry. Through a series of educational activities and private meetings, lasting 10 weeks, targeted master-classes are offered, which provide knowledge and tools for the team of each participating company to develop special techniques and synergies. The top instructors who staff the program, offer a unique knowledge experience and a significant journey of development. Upon completion of the program, they are able to certify to the wider business public that they have delivered businesses ready to promote and implement significant quality commercial opportunities.

“WiRE’s participation in the sScale-up program of PWC UK is a double success for us. Firstly, because they embraced our vision to bring a pioneering approach at European level for the access and analysis of real estate market data, both for the real estate market but also for building insurance, climate risk assessment, stratification of other data that companies and organizations have.

Secondly, because the trust shown to us by a Firm, which has used and fully utilizes technology to compete in multiple sectors, is a strong incentive for us to implement our ambitious plans.”, said WiRE’s CEO, Pavlos Loizou.

Together with WiRE, the international companies Sedicci, Resistant AI, Outseer, RiskSave Technologies, Evolute IQ, Albany Group, Insig AI and Panthera Solutions will participate in this program. WiRE helps real estate investors, banking institutions, insurance companies and service providers in households by turning data and creating the profile of every property across Europe. WiRE introduces innovation in many areas such as lending, land development, insurance, marketing and government services through flexible data analytics solutions.

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