Tech Amigos provides unrivalled AWS cloud service support for Autorama Group’s leading brand, Vanarama

Autorama Group’s leading brand Vanarama, a personal and commercial vehicle leasing company, decided to consult Tech Amigos to provide strategic direction, offer unrivalled AWS cloud support and transform its online presence.

Tech Amigos, is a cloud-based marketing technology platform that quickly and cost effectively turns marketing ideas into digital experiences. Amigo works with businesses’ existing data and technology and allows them to implement new campaigns, learn fast and respond to new opportunities and challenges as they emerge.The  dynamic technology consultancy promise to transition Vanarama away from a monolithic platform that supported its various web brands and move towards a more streamlined, cost-effective, and secure microservices based digital platform.

Collaborating with Tech Amigos has allowed Vanarama to up-scale their media channels, particularly those online. On top of this, providing strong customer analytics helping the group to identify and analyse behavioural traits, customer feedback value and stream management, as well as scheduling algorithms to optimise delivery.

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