LAUNCHub, a seed fund based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is visiting Athens on November 5th, in order to meet with the most aspiring digital tech sector startups coming from Greece.

The event will be hosted at CoLab Athens (Petraki Street, 28) on Tuesday November 5th at 10:00. LAUNCHub’s venture partner Stephane Gantchev will be there to meet with up to 10 teams developing future disruptive technologies in the digital tech sector.

Participating companies will have the opportunities to present their product/services/ideas, discuss with Mr. Gantchev and receive honest and valuable feedback from an investor’s point of view on their ventures and their future prospects.

The companies that will attract LAUNCHub’s interest will be invited to apply for the fourth application call for financing that has already been announced. The deadline ending November 3rd will be extended for the companies approved by LAUNCHub during the one-day event in Athens.

Greek digital startups are encouraged to submit their interest in meeting with LAUNCHub in Athens by submitting their details until 23:59 GMT of November 3rd, here: and also sending an e-mail to [email protected] expressing their interest in participating in the One-Day Meeting in Athens.

LAUNCHub offers funding of up to €200.000 to startup companies that have formed their teams and can present traction. Companies in previous stages of development could be taken into consideration as well.

The culmination of the LAUNCHub funding selection will be the four-day Long-Weekend Event in the end of November in Sofia, where shortlisted teams will receive several days of coaching and mentoring and will have the chance to pitch their ideas and get approved for seed investment. The most promising Greek startups will be invited to participate.

The successful applicants will receive funding of up to €200.000 in exchange of equity and will participate in the LAUNCHub mentor-lead programme scheduled for February 2014.

LAUNCHub operates from 2012 under the JEREMIE program and focuses on companies coming from the Southern and Southeastern Europe region. So far, LAUNCHub has invested 2 million euros in 25 companies coming from five different countries. Recently, LAUNCHub announced its first investment in a Greek startup; €100.000 in CodeBender ( from Patras. On a strategic level the fund is partnering with Seedcamp and Mozilla WebFWD.

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