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The co-founder of Coinbase launches a 2.5 billion dollars venture fund for cryptocurrencies

Raising capital for the cryptocurrency market is generally at a peak amid this year’s spiking rally in digital asset prices. As a result, San Francisco-based investment firm Paradigm announced that it is launching a 2.5 billion dollars VC fund to strengthen the “next generation companies in the crypto market”. Paradigm One, of Coinbase’s co-founder Fred […]

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Top 5 Ethereum mining pools reap $192 million in 7 days

Ongoing activities on the Ethereum network have contributed to the asset witnessing a short-term rally. The rally alongside the planned network upgrade has led to miners earning significant rewards in a short period. Data acquired by cryptocurrency trading simulator Crypto Parrot indicates that the top five Ethereum mining pools cumulatively earned 77,450 ETH in rewards or $192.69 […]

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