Startup School by Microsoft for new Startuppers

Microsoft in collaboration with Startup Pathways announces the program “Startup School”, an intensive 3-day program addressed to Startups in idea phase, MVP or early stage. The event will take place online through Microsoft Teams from Friday, December 17th to December 19th from 10:00 to 15:30.

The Startup School aims to equip and familiarize young people with the necessary skills to scale their Startup. The participants – startuppers will have the opportunity to be trained and learn from renowned C-level Executives, eminent Startuppers and successful ScaleUp Founders, the necessary skills and participate in trainings necessary for the business stage they are in, such as service design, pitching and HR. 

On the first day, participants will be trained in the use of Service Design methodology, that is how to design an innovative and unique product / service journey. The training will be carried out by Dimitris Papadimitriou, founder of the Startup Pathways and Leadership Coach. Then follows the Panel on “Corporate and Startup – The ideal mix” on the dynamics of adoption of ScaleUp data by Corporate and Corporate data from ScaleUps. Myladie Stoumbou, Regional Director – Microsoft, Nikos Nikolakopoulos, CEO – Intralot, Evagelos Gizelis, CEO – Gizelis Robotics and Antonios Barounas, ex Senior Vice President HTC, participate. The first day will end with Harris Takas, Senior Marketing Director in e-food in a fireside chat with the Program Manager of Microsoft for Startups, Souzana Theodoridou.

The Regional Director of Microsoft, Mylaidi Stoumbos,  opens the program of the second day with a surprise speech aimed at alerting the founders, followed by training in pitching and influence techniques by Startup Pathways and Dimitris Papadimitriou.The ScaleUp Panel of the 2nd day concerns techniques and experiences of fundraising / funding from well-known Greek Startups, which will share their own story (Maria Kaini, CEO – i2d, Konstantinos Loizou, CEO – Embiodiagnostics and Kostas Karolemeas, CEO – AllCanCode). The day ends with the fireside chat of Panos Papadopoulos, Partner of Marathon VC and Suzana Theodoridou.

The third day begins with a session dedicated to cloud services by Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Architect, Sophie Chanialaki. This is followed by a training on Team Dynamics entitled “The transition from a Co-Founders Team to a ScaleUp of 100 employees” by the Startup Pathways founder and leadership coach Dimitris Papadimitriou. ScaleUp Panel focuses on scale up capabilities in different countries (Kostas Economopoulos, CEO-CubeRM, Dimitris Doukas, CIO-NET2GRID and Nikos Papanotas, CEO-Geekbot) and the event closes with fireside chat with Manos Perakakis of Mentionlytics, as a guest, regarding the success story at Microsoft.

The application period has already begun and will end on Sunday, December 12. Interested parties can register at the following link:

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