Stance revolutionizes individual strength training with machine learning AI integration

The technology ‘learns’ an individual's unique strength fingerprint, offering tailored guidance for effective and efficient workouts.

Sports analytics pioneer Stance has integrated advanced AI to its strength training solution. The technology ‘learns’ an individual’s unique strength fingerprint, offering tailored guidance for effective and efficient workouts.
Describing the significance of the move company CEO Alex Freeman says: “Over time the AI learns an individual’s unique strength fingerprint, then gives tailored guidance for increasingly effective and efficient workouts. By integrating AI with user-friendly devices, we empower individuals to train smarter, not harder.”
Democratising elite training 
Unlike cardio-vascular training (e.g. cycling, running, rowing etc), capturing useful performance data from strength training has proven difficult, the preserve of professional athletes and coaches using expensive specialist measurement devices. The Stance approach uses a ‘puck’ that attaches to the weight machine/free weights bar, and performance data transmitted to Stance’s smartphone app. “Our deep-learning AI opens up the possibility to deliver exactly the same sort of rich performance data previously available only to professional athletes using expensive niche equipment. This opens up the prospect of making top-tier training insights accessible to everyone.” 
Creating the system’s new AI feature is being led by Dr. Harry Davies, a distinguished signal processing academic with a PhD from Imperial College; development of which has now entered an expanded beta testing phase before becoming commercially available later in 2024. 
Why AI? 
The integration of AI takes out the inherent guesswork in strength training analysis, helping athletes of all abilities and personal trainers optimise workouts more intelligently. Stance’s AI adapts to individual strength profiles, offering personalised guidance for more efficient training. Individuals’ performance data – anonymised – goes into an ever-growing central pool of information that, in turn, can make the guidance for individuals more effective. “We’re equipping trainers and individuals with a goldmine of information to enhance their training, while maintaining a commitment to user privacy,” concludes Freeman. 
The road ahead 
Stance plans to launch its AI-driven strength training solution initially in the UK, with a specific focus on power lifters. The technology will expand to include various exercises and gym equipment, heralding a fitness revolution by making data-driven training accessible to all. 
Stance’s integration of AI into strength training marks a significant milestone in the fitness tech industry. With a commitment to innovation, Stance positions itself as a frontrunner in delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower fitness enthusiasts.

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