Softweb has undertaken a new digital transformation project

Costas A. Papaellinas , member of the Costas Papaellinas Group of Companies, markets and distributes a variety of high quality branded products in the fields of health, care and beauty. The company’s goal through its digital transformation was to enhance the overall purchasing experience of its partners, to reduce the sales cycle, as well as the management time. In addition, it had the need to improve its digital presence by implementing a Corporate Website that reflects the company’s dynamics and promotes its competitive advantages.

Softweb was the ideal partner for K.A. PAPAELLINAS S.A. since it has all the necessary product solutions to meet the above needs. Specifically, the B2B E-commerce solution was adopted with absolute interconnection with the company’s ERP and unlimited scalability, in order to digitize the way K. A. PAPAELLINAS S.A. interacts with its customers/partners. In addition, sales management time was optimized, mistakes in the ordering process were eliminated, the need for targeted offers (campaigns) was covered and executive productivity was enhanced through the Mobile Business Suite solution.

Softweb, a leader in the field of new technologies, specializes in the development of Web and Mobile software with significant requirements in terms of functions and interconnections with third-party systems (ERP, CRM, WMS, CSM, etc.). The company counts in its portfolio more than 750 customers and 14 years of experience. Today, its range of solutions includes 11 products that aim to optimize the processes of businesses regardless of field of activity and market sector (B2C, B2B, Field Market, Logistics, Customer Services Management, etc.)

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