Rabt Releases Android Version of Personalised Video Curation Mobile App

RABT announced the availability of personalized video mobile application it’s developing for Android devices.

The applications offers an easy way to discover and watch videos based on what users like. After signing in, the app invites the user to play a short psychographic game in order to understand his personality. After that, a personalized video feed starts immediately. By giving feedback on every video, RABT understands the user even better and keeps up showing video content based on his preferences and interests.

Videos are curated from different categories (News, Sports, Lifestyle, etc.) and then compiled into a unique playlist for every user based on the intellectual RABT algorithms. The app offers features such as simple sharing, saving in a watchlist and selecting preferences from the 8 different video categories.

RABT is based in New York and Athens. After winning the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award, the company launched the app for iOS and invested in building a strong know how inside the team in both mobile development and recommendation algorithms.

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