Pwc: Inauguration of the Technology and Innovation Hub in Patras

A particularly important initiative that is a springboard for the wider upgrading of the technological profile of the region and the development of innovative human-centered solutions

The Technology and Innovation Hub in Patras was inaugurated by PwC Greece. The aim of the project is the development of innovative tools and the integration of the most advanced technology solutions in the social and business activity of the country, with the help of the technology ecosystem of Western Greece.

The inauguration ceremony, which marks the official opening of PwC’s new offices in Patras, took place on Thursday, May 12th, at the premises of the Technology and Innovation Hub, in the presence of representatives of the local government, local academic and scientific bodies as well as the leadership and some employees of PwC Greece.

Specifically, among others, the ceremony was attended by Nektarios Farmakis, Regional Governor of Western Greece, Christos Bouras, Rector of the University of Patras, Platon Marlafekas, President of the Chamber of Achaia. Marios Psaltis, Managing Director, PwC Greece addressed the audience, while Kyriakos Andreou, Deputy CEO and Head of Consulting Services and George Kollidas, Partner, Technology Leader, presented the vision and future actions of Technology and Innovation Hub. The PwC Technology and Innovation Hub aspires to be a catalyst for the wider upgrading of the technological profile of the region by completing the value chain created by academic institutions and Startups.

This is a particularly important initiative that strengthens PwC’s leading position in the field of technology. At the same time, it reaffirms its commitment to support the efforts of organizations, institutions and businesses to digitally transform the way they operate through the development of innovative solutions that are strategically designed and have a focus on people.

Within the framework of the Technology and Innovation Hub, large-scale projects will be developed, which also concern the implementation of important projects of both private and public character. Particular emphasis will be given to the recovery fund projects that will lead to the digital transformation of the country.

“The Region of Western Greece welcomes to Patras the new Technology and Innovation Hub of PwC, which in collaboration with local academic and research institutions, such as the University of Patras, the Science Park, etc., will enhance the technological profile and the innovation environment in the wider region.Patras is a metropolis of knowledge and research, capable of supporting a strong pole of innovation in Greece.Western Greece as a whole, has the qualitative characteristics and the investment interest, in order to attract innovative solutions. In the Region, our effort to strengthen innovation and attract new investments is continuous.”, said the Regional Governor of Western Greece, Nektarios Farmakis, on the occasion of the official opening of the PwC Technology and Innovation Hub in Patras.

“As the Chamber of Achaia, we feel particularly happy, especially at this particular time, for the selection of Patras, for the operation of the Technology and Research HUB, as we firmly believe that Achaia is an important focus for the development and exploitation of such actions.It is known that since 2012, the Chamber of Achaia and the University of Patras founded the annual exhibition “Innovation and Transfer of Know-how – PATRAS IQ” and I firmly believe that this was an important reason for our city to be selected by PwC for the launch of the HUB.”, stated The President of the Chamber of Achaia, Platon Marlafekas.

“The success of the PwC Technology and Innovation Hub is a strategic priority for our company.On the one hand, it aspires to act as an innovation hub for the development of solutions that meet the real needs of the market, and on the other hand, it is a precursor to developments for our company. This is because it is part of a new, innovative operating model that provides for the creation of corresponding offices – satellites throughout Greece.In this way we put into practice our vision to offer young people from all over the country the possibility of professional development and career in an international flexible working environment without having to move from the areas where they were born and raised.

In addition, our office in Patras is the guide for the creation of the Greek PwC Experience Center that will soon open in Athens. It is an innovative space for co-creation, where together with our customers and partners we will be able to design the solution of complex problems, combining business acumen, human-centered approach and cutting-edge technologies, always with the end user in mind.”, noted Kyriakos Andreou, Deputy CEO and Head of Consulting Services of PwC Greece.

“We are very pleased that the Technology and Innovation Hub has already welcomed the first employees, with the goal that in 2023, more than 35 people will work there, the majority of whom will come from the local population.It should also be noted that in the context of the development of the PwC Technology and Innovation Hub, strong alliances have been developed, both with the academic institutions and with the city’s research centers, with the ultimate goal of forming a community that will contribute in practice to addressing the challenges of digital transformation.”, said George Kollidas, Partner, Technology Leader.

Among the strategic allies of the Technology and Innovation Hub are included, among others, the University of Patras, the Computer Technology Institute and Publications “DIOPHANTUS” and the “Patras Science Park” and actions are already being jointly planned with the aim of convergence and matching of the real needs of the market and the educational system.

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