Omnipresent raised 108 million euros for a fully-remote labor market

The ubiquitous Startup is growing rapidly

Omnipresent completed its second funding round raising more than 108 million euros. The ubiquitous Startup that helps businesses manage their team of employees wherever they are was founded in 2019 in London and within a year managed to have a presence in 150 countries.

Omnipresent’s goal is to facilitate the cooperation of companies and employees in the international labor market. The pandemic and the need to work from home that has resulted in it make Omnipresent’s services essential for many employers, who no longer have to worry about the procedural part of a new hire, but only about the right choice of employees.

Omnipresent facilitates onboarding and offboarding processes, takes care of employees’ payroll, offers legal advice to its clients, while maintaining a reliable platform that guarantees the protection of sensitive data. It is worth noting that Omnipresent’s own team is fully-remote and in fact in 2021 managed to increase 10fold, leading to a significant increase in the company’s profits.

In 2021 Omnipresent managed to raise 12.3 million euros which seem to have been put to good use, earning the next big boost of 108 million euros.

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