Novoville changes parking and urban mobility in Greece and Great Britain

​Novoville platform offers a wide spectre of digital solutions which facilitate citizens’ everyday life and allow the smooth interaction with the municipal services in a transparent,direct and effective way.

Among Novoville’s digital solutions, which are used by 65 municipalities in Greece and abroad, is the integrated mobility system (Smart Parking & Mobility) which provides data from sensors and IoT apps to enhance the traffic conditions in the city as well as the quality of life of both residents and visitors.

In the municipality of Athens the app “myAthensPass”,which was created in cooperation with DAEM S.A.(Information Technology and Services Company) and serves more than 65,000 users, has been operating since May 2019. The app allows drivers to buy online parking time for controlled parking zones and avoid searching for parking cards. Also, it sends notifications to the users before the parking time expires,allowing them to expand their electronic ticket through the app.

At the same time the special app for the Municipal Police simplifies and modernizes the control and law enforcement procedure about illegal parking which is time and cost effective.Municipal police can digitally check and issue parking fines in case of violation,on the spot.

Novoville’s smart street parking system will start its operation in Volos and in Trikala in the autumn. Its goal is to digitize and simplify the parking procedures in parking zones and the issue of parking permits for residents, as well as provide useful data for the local authorities and the municipal police in order to achieve more effectice controls and take decisions as far as the urban mobility is concerned.

In Great Britain, Novoville cooperates with the local authority of West Midlands (WMCA) offering digital solutions to the on-street and off-street parking problem, for the next 5 years. WMCA includes 18 municipalities, it runs payment processes and it also issues parking cards for 2,8 million residents, a number that increases 40% daily because of commuters.

Novoville’s new app, in cooperation with Swift, enables users pay online for parking spots all over West Midlands and pre-book a parking spot. What follows is the interconnection of the system with smart sensors, the interoperability with means of soft mobility ( bike sharing for example) and payments for the charging stations of electric vehicles.

Novoville’s platform is constantly enriched with new features and functions, focusing on the citizens’ needs. The company is planning to add more smart mobiity solutions such as the management of public transport tickets, real time data for public transport, payments for the use of shared bikes, the available parking spots and charging stations for electric cars.

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