National Bank of Greece makes it’ s way around FinTech

Lately, news concerning the conscious choice of leading banking and financial institutions in order to incorporate FinTech in their everyday routine and operations is gaining ground. This, because they ‘re realizing that this really isn’ t threatening their well-being, but can complement the services and products that they offer.

Moreover, through FinTech, they are able to gain direct access, especially with highly competitive features, in areas that were not possible due to the lack of specialized resources and knowledge, as well as the necessary ground breaking thinking and glance in financial matters.

FinTech reality appears to have infiltrated the Greek banking scene as one after the other, the systemic banks embrace it more and more warmly, trying to develop and utilize applications in financial services technologies, highlighting at the same time their diversity.

Thus, the National Bank of Greece (NBG) organizes the second NBG i-bank #FinTech 2 Crowdhackathon, on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of October. As for its subject, it concerns the development of applications in financial services technologies (FinTech). It is also noted that they include real needs and existing areas of interest of NBG business units.

NBG i-bank #FinTech 2 Crowdhackathon is organized with the support of Crowdpolicy and is part of the broader strategy of the National Bank for the development of partnerships with new, innovative and creative companies and teams in Fintech.

It should be pointed out that the National Bank of Greece, under the umbrella of the FinTech be finnovative business accelerator, has set up an innovation workshop focused on experimenting and exploring the development of innovative applications and services.

The ultimate innovation labs be finnovative goal is to provide greater support for FinTech teams and companies, empower them and accelerate business, while creating the necessary trade partnerships that will lead to the creation of new and updated products and services for its customers.

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