nvisionist: Distinction for the bird rescue app nvbird

The award in the category “innovation and new products” was won by nvisionist and the pioneering application nvbird, at this year’s “Sustainable – Innovative and Responsible Entrepreneurship” Awards of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen. This is the most important institution for rewarding small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in Greece, which is organized by the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen, under the auspices of the Central Union of Chambers of Greece and which this year was honored by the presence of the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

The fifth established event of the “Sustainable – Innovative and Responsible Entrepreneurship” Awards took place on Monday, November 1, at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

The award was realized by the former Minister of Tourism and MP of Nea Demokratia, Harry Theocharis who stated: “This event is a celebration of the responsibility and ingenuity of the greek entrepreneur. I am glad that we are giving awards to greek startups and I wish Vassilis Orfanos to internationalize his effort.

The award was received for the nvisionist by the special adviser of the company, Vassilis Orfanos, who noted that “the top distinction of nvisionist and nvbird in this year’s “Sustainable – Innovative and Responsible Entrepreneurship” awards of the Professional Chamber of Athens is a special honor for the nvisionist family.

At the same time, however, it is also an additional reward for the effort we are making to highlight the added value of a greek innovative company in the global heavy wind energy industry. Our company has managed to gain the respect of the giants of the global wind energy community and with the nvbird system to give goodwill to it.

Our goal is for nvbird to become the global reference system in preventing birds from impacting wind turbines. It is our commitment to extroversion that leads us to success”.

nvbird is a pioneering, integrated solution that is at the cutting edge of global technology with application to wind energy and with significant benefits for the environment, winning significant distinctions abroad. It is applied in wind farms for the monitoring of birds and incorporates state-of-the-art equipment, software as well as an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform.

It is based on specialized algorithms, based on which the system detects and recognizes birds flying dangerously near the wind turbines, analyzes their course, activates loudspeakers with sounds to remove them from the wind turbines and in case they are not removed it stops the wind turbine until they are removed.

nvisionist is a greek high-tech startup company specializing in applied digital technology solutions, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. The company places particular emphasis on the integrated end-to-end environmental solutions offered in the field of Green Energy.

It designs and produces high-tech products and services for the renewable energy sector for the benefit of all, the environment and biodiversity, local communities, green and responsible entrepreneurship and business efficiency with a view to sustainable development.

The company’s know-how also covers the areas of development and maintenance of Informatics and Communications projects, Visual Engineering applications and Sustainable Energy projects. Its staff has a long history of projects in various sectors and markets, mainly in the field of digital technology and renewable sources in Greece and abroad.

It is noted that nvisionist is a member of HWEA (Hellenic Wind Energy Association), as well as a member of SEPE (Hellenic Information Technology & Communications, Enterprises Greece).

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