LG Electronics in the centre of innovation

The technology company recently announced its appointment to the Board of Directors of the Connectivity Standards Alliance

LG Electronics (LG) is a member of the Board of Directors of the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance is a global organization focused on developing and promoting universal open standards for the Internet of Things (IoT).

LG intends to bring to the “table” the many years of know-how and experience in smart home and communication technologies in the global organization. The newly appointed members of the Board of Directors are Don Williams of LG’s General Bureau of Strategy and Dr. Sang Kim of LG’s Chief Technology Division.

With its upgraded role within the Union, LG plans to actively participate in the development and standardisation of Matter – the Union’s open source IoT protocol for connecting smart home appliances – and to lead the expansion of the smart home ecosystem.

“Through our role on the Union’s Board of Directors, we demonstrate our full commitment to creating a more connected and comfortable future,” said Dr. Kim Byoung-hoon, CTO and executive vice president of LG Electronics. “With the adoption and support of Matter, our smart products, whose range is constantly growing, such as TVs, home appliances, as well as IoT-enabled devices and sensors, will be able to connect to each other – and to all compatible solutions – with greater security and ease. We will continue to enhance the experience of our customers by offering innovative products and solutions and to contribute to the development of the smart home.

Matter, an Internet Protocol (IP)-based communication standard for smart home technologies, helps create an open smart home environment, where products from different manufacturers can communicate and share data, making compatibility issues a thing of the past.

LG aims to provide support for Matter on its smart platforms that improve comfort, including the LG ThinQ smart home platform and app, and the award-winning smart TV platform webOS.

The adoption of Matter will not only bring more advantages and benefits to LG’s customers, but will further enhance the overall competitiveness of the company’s innovative home appliances and TVs.

“As in the Union, LG is committed to evolving and improving the world in which we live,” said LG’s Senior Vice President of Innovation, Dr. Sokwoo Rhee, and head of LG’s North American Innovation Center, LG NOVA. For us, this means developing innovative products that focus on providing a better user experience and improving the way we deliver services and value at home and beyond.We look forward to this partnership and all the opportunities ahead.”

“LG offers great potential and prospects for market growth in the Union, with its wide product range, engineering expertise and connectivity solutions, but what makes the Union stronger with LG is its dedication to innovation,” said Tobin Richardson, President and CEO. of the Connectivity Standards Association. «We are excited that LG will join our Board of Directors to help drive even more innovation in what comes next with Matter by extending the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) to consumers.”

Made up of more than 500 companies, the union’s global members work together to create open standards for IoT, transforming the way we live, work and play.With the deep and diverse expertise of its members, its robust certification programs and a full range of open IoT solutions, the Association is leading the way towards a more intuitive, imaginative and useful world.

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