Lelos Group implements its digital transformation with Epsilon SingularLogic

Epsilon SingularLogic enters dynamically in the pharmaceutical warehouses sector with the signing and launch of a large IT project with Lelos Group for its integrated digital transformation.

Lelos Group is today a dynamically developing Group of Pharmaceutical Warehouses with activities that extend to the sectors of import, marketing, storage and distribution of medicines, parapharmaceuticals, cosmetics and health products throughout Greece. It has 10 pharmaceutical warehouses throughout Greece, providing high quality services to over 2,600 pharmacies.

The Group’s pharmaceutical warehouses are housed in modern facilities and are equipped with all the appropriate systems that ensure the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products in accordance with European directives. Almost all companies of the Group are equipped with ROWA robotic systems, while the two largest in Athens and Thessaloniki with ROWA and KNAPP.

Due to the complexity of the business and its multi-company architecture, the Group has sought an advanced ERP system in the context of the digital upgrade of all its business processes, which will fully manage the Group’s overall activity in all business flows of commercial financial management, will meet the Group’s integrated results needs, will provide extensive data analysis and result mapping capabilities at both corporate and group level, will be fully interconnected with the robotic systems available to the Group, and will offer full alignment with the IAPR’s (Independent Authority for Public Revenue) myDATA requirements.

In order to meet the relevant requirements and in the context of its strategic development, Lelos Group addressed Epsilon SingularLogic based on the experience of the company as well as the Epsilon Net Group in the implementation of projects of similar size and complexity. Specifically, it was chosen to use the Galaxy ERP solution for its industry-leading operational management capabilities and technologically advanced capabilities.

The Galaxy ERP solution includes commercial and financial management, budgets, general and analytical accounting, production, RF warehouses, while it is harmoniously interconnected with the ROWA and KNAPP robotics systems ensuring a unified and unified environment for all business activities, production, warehouses, wholesale, and partner pharmacies, which are constantly growing.

Finally, the Group’s management will be able to make correct and quick business decisions, which are required to achieve its goals, through direct and rich information.

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