Greek diplomatic delegation visits the premises of Evogreen in the UAE

Polygreen and Bee’ah welcomed the General Secretary of International Economic Relations and Openess at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Enterprise Greece and General Commissioner of Greece in the World Expo 2020, Ioannis Smyrlis, in Evogreen’s premises, the consortium that the two companies created to offer solutions for the management of terrestrial and marine environments in the UAE and in the wider region of Middle East.

Mr Smyrlis was joined by Dionyssios Zois, Greek Ambassador in the UAE, Betty Alexandropoulou, Executive Director of Enterprise Greece and General Commissioner in World Expo Dubai 2020, Pantelis Gassios, Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Embassy of Greece in the UAE, and Dimitrios Thomopoulos, First Secretary for Economic and Commercial Affairs, Embassy of Greece in the UAE and Head of the Office for Economic and Commercial Affairs in Dubai.

The greek delegation was given a tour to the state-of-the-art premises that consist the starting point for Polygreen’s operation in Middle East, in the framework of its consortium with Bee’ah.

According to a relevant announcement, Polygreen establishes its position in the wider region through Evogreen’s operation and promotes its long-term strategy to export environmental expertise and circular economy development both on a regional and international level.

“It’s our honour to welcome the greek delegation in Evogreen’s premises in Sharjah and introduce Bee’ah which is a valuable partner and associate of Polygreen in the UAE.Our vision for environmental protection and sustainable development leads its current presence and its long-term commitment to the UAE.We are looking forward to sharing our future accomplishments with all interested parties in Greece and the UAE and ensure the exchange of know-how between the two countries, through the collaboration of scientists and technicians who are members of our teams in Polygreen and Bee’ah.”, said Athanasios Polychronopoulos, founder and CEO of Polygreen.

“Since the announcement of the consortium I had expressed my wish to visit the premises here.Enrironmental sector is of great importance internationally and in Greece it is our priority to present our expertise and potentials leveraging them in order to develop our bilateral commercial relations.We hope that more greek businesses will move towards the same direction, with investments abroad that build value for our country.”, mentioned Ioannis Smyrlis.

“We are excited with the visit of the  Greek Delegation in Evogreen’s premises.At Bee’ah, we believe that the protection of marine ecosystems is vital for our planet. Evogreen, is an example of bilateral cooperation and a sample of what we can do through the exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience.Bee’ah’s partnership with Polygreen will reinforce its capabilities for specialised circular waste management and offer advanced solutions to maritime industry, leveraging this international collaboration for the protection of seas and oceans.”, commented Khaled Al Huraimel, CEO of Bee’ah Group.

Covering a wide spectre of solutions concerning waste management and sea pollution incidents, Evogreen also offers oil spillages clean up services, distressed vessel management, abandoned cargo ships management, including recycling and product recovery, repairs or reconstruction after an accident.Also, Evogreen will offer its green vessels recycling services while it will proceed to the development of a specialised environmental lab.

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