KKR leads investment $15M for Artivest

In a rare investment… presence in a Series A round, the investment firm KKR led the whole process for Artivest, a fundraising platform.

The investment giant, which has $98,6 billion in assets under management, led a 15 million dollars investment for Artivest. Probably the deal is a part of a broader “push” from the private-equity firm to invest more actively in startup technology companies.

Until today, KKR has backed companies including Magic Leap,FanDuel, Ping Identity, Arago, ClickTale, Next Issue Media, and The Hut Group. Artivest has created a technology and investment structure that allows accredited investors and the registered investment advisers that manage their money to invest in the private equity funds and hedge funds. At the same time, the company has found a solution in order for private-equity firms and hedge funds to manage a relationship with thousands of individual investors.

How did Artivest solve this problem? With the creation of investment funds that the company manages, pooling the assets of the individual investors into a single, special-purpose “vehicle” that afterwards will invest in a private-equity or hedge fund.


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