Kineo: Give an e-scooter rental subscription as a gift this year

If you are still thinking about what gift to give to your family at Christmas or New Year, there is a subscription that offers the solution.

A scooter can be the ideal gift for those who want to move instantly and feel comfortable riding an electric skateboard that will not only remind them of their childhood but will also bring them to the new era with the means of the future.

Kineo gives you a variety of electric vehicles to choose from , allowing you to rent it for a while, renewing subscription every month if you wish, to buy or cancel whenever you want by simply informing about your choice.

The cost depends on the model and includes a token amount for registration in the service. The package provides free technical support and replacement in case of damage or theft as well as full legal protection for your movement.

The plus of electric vehicle rental is clearly the usability and practicality both in the size of the means it promotes and in the economy it ensures as it is an ecological choice that saves money and time on a fixed basis.

You no longer need to get tickets and charge cards to travel by subway or spend on any other means. You can easily enjoy a different urban experience, getting to know the narrow streets of the city as you turn with your skate.

This ” small investment ” saves energy and is worth everything it offers since the depreciation is a given if one thinks that the company guarantees the duration, durability and safety of the vehicle you will receive, without further commitments.

Before choosing a skateboard or bike for you or someone of your own, pay attention to the speed, maximum weight, tires, engine and performance that each one promises. It is important that the means you choose is comfortable in its journey.

It is also important whether the battery meets the daily needs and covers the distances of the person who will be using it for a period of time. Choose a well-known product, instead of a cheap one, which will last longer.

A functional scooter goes with a high performance battery so give a budget for a quality means that will not disappoint you. At Kineo you can, in the middle of a festive offer, rent an e-bike or an e-scooter for 3 months at the price of 2 and without a down payment , giving joy to acquaintances, relatives and friends – or why not to yourself – strengthening both the physical and the mental mood, with a flexible solution of movement and property.

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