It’s time to confront ourselves

In the USA there is an expression: “When push comes to shove“, the use of which they resort to when things reach the point of “zero” and on the horizon there are no “easy” answers to problems, while those that were considered as such, have not been able to give a convincing answer, let alone a solution.Result? To have to look for something new, different and certainly more functional. Apart from long-standing data, views that are considered to be entrenched, logic that intensifies the impasse, long-term inertia without, at the same time, adding the slightest value, even habits where their starting point and reference is missing.

Really, does the above remind you of anything? If your answer is “yes, Greek Universities“, then you are definitely on the right track.

I think that everyone should clarify the content, role and importance of the operation of a higher education institution – as a more comprehensive concept – in a modern society. In terms, not even current, but of the next day. Always moving having in the “core” of its function the answer to the -simplistic, at first sight- question: “How will we be able to provide useful skills of thought and knowledge to our students in order not only to integrate into the labor market, but to be able to choose between many quality, but also well-paid jobs of responsibility for work, which will ensure their well-being, placing them in an advantageous position when the coming “wave” of another great technological or industrial change arrives?”

The persuasive, as well as “clear” answer can be a “guide” for the modus operandi of a modern university institution. That will be distinguished by educational staff dedicated and informed about what is happening in the market, inside and primarily outside the borders, who will follow the modern currents of thought about management and technology, who will think and see beyond theorems and writings.At the same time, it will consist of students willing to learn, to seek, to research, to improve, not to think in today’s terms, but with tomorrow’s developments in the field of knowledge, with emphasis on technology and the way of operation of modern applications, services and operations, and especially in what way they will provide an effective response to the problems and challenges in general that businesses, organizations, companies and industries across the world face.

Now, the distances do not exist, so the field of action of each one extends all over the earth.

A university that will seek to attract “open” minds and will have permanently “closed” doors against denial, regression, obsolescence, habit, and quagmire.

For those uninvited who wish to impose their passionate, completely deconstructive and not at all productive perception, opinion or theory, there is a glorious field of glory: In their home against the mirror, in their respective logical groups, in every café, basement, sect, subgroup, local and wherever else on earth they hang out. Anyway, accustomed to making parallel monologues between deaf people, they will not have a hard time to prevail. Moreover, it should not escape their minds that even when a lamp illuminating the shadow of a mouse projects it on a surface giving it gigantic, not even frightening dimensions, in reality it still remains a… mouse! With limited capabilities, complexes and absence of substantial power.

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