Fiz: Place Discovery Startup Opens Up to Businesses with TUI Travel as First Customer

Place discovery startup Fiz has opened up its platform to businesses with TUI Travel’s brand Le Boat, Europe’s No. 1 boating holiday company, becoming its first customer.

Launched one year ago, Fiz is a global platform that combines the best of factual, social, review and web content in order to bring places to life.

The company has now opened up its platform to travel, leisure and hospitality businesses, allowing them to customise and embed place content within their own apps and websites.

The APIs’ content management system lets clients filter, add, update, augment and feature places without requiring a developer, so that each implementation can be unique.

Le Boat – which is owned by TUI Travel PLC, one of the world’s largest leisure travel companies – is Fiz’s first customer, and it will use the Fiz platform to enhance an upcoming cruising companion app for to enhance their customers experience.

Fiz will also launch a widget in the near future for smaller businesses that don’t have the resources to create a customised offering for customers but still want to give access to localised place information.

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