Findbar: The Greek search engine for On-Site Search is here

Findbar has come to offer the best On-Site Search experience, taking off the search experience and setting new standards in digital commerce.

Dimitris Kazakos and Yiannis Karalis are the founders of the Greek company and are two of the most experienced e-commerce executives with a strong footprint in the field.

Users now require usability, speed and effectiveness from a purchase experience within each eShop. This is exactly the need that Findbar comes to meet, offering innovative and unique solutions, based on state-of-the-art technologies.

Through a set of features, such as voice search, search by natural language, misspelling or Greeklish characters, customization of search results according to the current campaigns of each brand and other unique mechanisms for digital commerce data, Findbar comes to give meaning to each search term and make the entire product catalogue detectable.

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