Female-founded Startup raises 1,9 million euros for corporate voice messages

Based in Salzburg, audvice closed the first round of VC funding with Cusp Capital, CapitalT and TinyVC, raising 1.9 million euros. Co-investors include CapitalT, TinyVC and the founders of Austrian unicorn EdTech GoStudent, Felix Ohswald and Gregor Müller.

The Startup which was founded by women, starting in 2019, is a pioneer in corporate communication and its goal is to establish a more effective communication through voice messages. In particular, audvice software allows any employee of a company to easily record voice messages, put them on playlists and share them with colleagues, customers or associates, from the CEO to the internship.

Voice communication is booming lately as over 85% of the population consumes up to three hours of audio content daily . The upward trend in audio has been further enhanced by the coronavirus pandemic, especially between Millennials and Gen Z, thanks to Messenger which allows them to send audio instead of texting.

After all, speech is the oldest form of human communication and the most effective way to explain, converse and persuade your audience, bringing a sense of authenticity to chat. The sound is also great on WhatsApp , Viber and Spotify with the development of podcasts – immediately usable in business.

After the pandemic and the rise of distance and hybrid work, it has become even more important for companies to find forms of corporate communication that can convey the context and climate to avoid misunderstandings and strengthen their relationships with employees, a a feature offered by voice, but which companies have made little use so far.

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