EXCELON: The Blockchain bank experience is here

Two years after its first commercial operation, EXCELON, confirms its statement about incorporating Blockchain in its service and its aim to be converted into a Blockchain bank.

XLON Chain

XLON Chain, which already “runs” from the beginning of June 2021, is a next generation public blockchain network that enables fast transactions globally and has the following features:

Transaction safety. With strong encryption as well as transaction and block signature from certified units, it is considered one of the safest Blockchains in the world.

Low cost. Transactions are completed instantly and with minimum cost in comparison with the well-known blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Smart. XLON Chain supports decentralized applications (Dapps) as well as smart contracts so that it can be used in an infinite number of apps which operate decentralized on blockchain.

Green. Due to its technology, electricity consumption for its operation is almost zero compared to well-known blockchains.

A blockchain for every use. XLON Chain’s technology can support limitless uses with all the data that the law requires. XLON Chain’s ecosystem consists of many different stakeholders where each one of them plays a different role.

EXCELON uses XLON Chain as a security mechanism for every transaction, imprinting them on the encrypted diary (ledger) which doesn’t accept changes or malicious use and therefore establishes EXCELON as probably the first 100% Blockchain bank experience for Fiat and Crypto.

​XLON Coin

EXCELON (XLON) Coin, is supported by EXCELON’s services as a means of payment and reward. So its true value as a useful digital coin (Utility Coin) is assured contrary to the majority of other coins in the market which do not have any essential use. XLON Coin is already available in EXCELON’s platform while soon enough it will be available in many more bitcoin exchanges.

EXCELON’s services

EXCELON’s users have access to many financial services from a simple bill payment to investments with high efficiency assets such as cryptocurrency.

The service categories are the following:


Users can perform payments wherever they are through their EXCELON MASTERCARD or VISA. At the same time through the digital wallet, provided by EXCELON, with their personal IBAN users can receive or send money all over the world.


Users can exchange the money they have in their EXCELON digital wallet with cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and vice versa. Also, they can perform trading through the tools that EXCELON provides.


Users can have access to a series of investment services, such as Crypto earn with staking or later within the year to lending services.

EXCELON’s uniqueness

A large number of everyday transactions is performed by users who belong to generation Z or by millenials.Two generations, with emphasis on the second one, that grew up having access to every information they wanted through their mobile phone.Having all their data digitally they cannot think of submitting a copy of their accounts to a physical bank branch.They want the bank to be there for them anytime of the day.

EXCELON offers its users, whenever they want, through simple operations, the chance to use these services instantly and with security. The transition from one world to another, the traditional money (Fiat) and cryptocurrency, is the point of opportunity. EXCELON belongs to a small crowd of licensed companies worldwide which fulfill the communication between these two worlds, Fiat and Crypto.

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