Deloitte undertakes the development of smart city services in Ellinikon

Deloitte undertakes the implementation of the project concerning the design of the strategy for the development of smart city services for Ellinikon and Lamda Development, in collaboration with AFRY and a team of specialized consultants.

The project concerns, as stated in an announcement by Deloitte, the provision of consulting services regarding services based on state-of-the-art technologies and innovative business models, which will be activated by the current phase of infrastructure design and will lead to a sustainable, digital and sustainable development perspective for Ellinikon.

The team of consultants who undertook the project consists of the leader in the consulting services market Deloitte, which is active worldwide and in a series of projects related to the design and implementation of smart city strategies with indicative examples those of “the NEOM” in Saudi Arabia and “Porto Nuova Development” in Milan, as well as the internationally recognized engineering consulting firm AFRY, which also has extensive experience having implemented relevant projects in Northern Europe as in Nyhamnen, Malmö in Sweden, but also the Red Sea Development project in Qatar. The project will be implemented in collaboration with highly specialized consulting firms in the energy, technology and telecommunications sectors such as CIGA Energy, CIMA Data Analytics and ENOMIX.

The aim of LAMDA Development is to create a Smart City in the area of Elliniko for the benefit of residents, visitors and businesses operating in the region.With this project, the company achieves the emergence of a global example of a smart city and more specifically “a smart state-of-the-art urban area that pioneers the future of housing, work and entertainment through the utilization of technology with a view to creating conditions of sustainability and serving the needs of tomorrow.

“Our vision is to make Ellinikon a “beacon” of foreign direct investments and strategic partnerships. Ellinikon will be the first smart city in Greece with the application of advanced technologies and innovations starting from design. It will be fully equipped, throughout its extent, with sensors and control systems that will analyze data and control energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.”, said Odysseas Athanasiou, CEO of LAMDA Development.

It is noted that the Ellinikon project is in the planning phase (greenfield) and for this reason LAMDA Development intends to explore early on how smart city solutions (smart infrastructure, networks, technologies and software) could be implemented for the creation of “Ellinikon Smart City“, as well as how they could be used to support business initiatives in the energy and ICT sectors.

“LAMDA Development’s development planning and vision for Ellinikon are inextricably linked to its ability to create a sustainable city by providing smart services, but also to further increase its value from the development project.At the same time, LAMDA Development, taking advantage of its position in the development of the Ellinikon project, has the opportunity to diversify its portfolio, entering new business sectors and exploring opportunities for investment and cooperation. For all of us at Deloitte, this project is a major challenge and our participation in this top-notch greek – and not only – data project is the culmination of our strong know-how and experience.”, stated Sotiris Batzias, Director of Deloitte’s Strategy Department in Greece and coordinator of the project.

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