Compomatic: marketing automation tool for supporting lead generation with automating competitions

The Finnish startup Compomatic has just launched to public beta with their new kind of lead generation tool that creates and runs online competitions. The tool automates all the manual parts of creating and running the online competition saving up to 90% of the time.

Competitions are the go-to closing mechanism for the top 3 lead generation ways: email marketing (78%), event marketing (73%) and content marketing (67%). The startup offers a simple to use selection of proven tools for all marketers and lead hunters.

Marketing automation tools make repeating marketing operations more effective. The range of tools have experienced explosive growth during the last two years – Compomatic focuses solely on running online competitions, and it can be integrated with any existing horizontal automation and email marketing tools.

The digital proliferation has allowed competitions to boom, there’s no longer a need to ship prizes as companies can give digital vouchers, discounts and even prizes – driving wallets to their store.

At the moment the majority of online competitions are lacking the equal approach to communicating positive and negative messages. Most of the time the communication goes as far as informing the winner(s). This way most of the participants will never hear from the organizers afterwards. However, reaching out to the other 99% interested in the brand should now be seen as valuable due to their will to participate in the competition and dedicate themselves to the company. Consumers are four to five times more likely to make a purchase if companies offer free shipping, they might not win the main prize, but free shipping makes them buy.

“We do to competitions what MailChimp did to emails: There are companies paying thousands to agencies just creating simple landing pages with competitions, where their office assistants could create and run them with us. In the same time agencies have to invest a lot of time and money for creating these monotonous projects. We offer a solution to both parties, cutting manual labor down 90%.”, says Compomatic founder and CEO Markus Sandelin, who is also doing his doctoral research on the topic in the Alliance Business School of the University of Manchester.

“With Compomatic marketers and agencies save time, money and hassle while being able to run more competitions to drive leads than ever before“, adds Steve Jackson from SEK.

Compomatic has representation in the US, Canada, Russia, Sweden and Finland.

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