Collaboration between CollegeLink and Startup Pathways for a Leadership Culture program

Another Scale Up of the Greek ecosystem invests in the personal development of its people in collaboration with Startup Pathways. CollegeLink with regular Team Coaching meetings will develop the skills of its executives in matters of Leadership, Communication, Innovation Management and Team Mobilization. The program will last 3 months. The methodology and content was designed and will be implemented by the Team of Coaches of Startup Pathways.

CollegeLink, by supporting young people who want to start their careers, also invests in the development of its own people and teams. The aim of the program is to create a unified management culture with humancentric – coaching orientation, for the generation that enters the labor market.

The average age of CollegeLink’s staff is 23 years and the award-winning Scale Up of the HR field, which is heading into its 6th year of operation, is already taking steps to form a single corporate culture. Starting from the core, that is the company’s managers, it is probably the 1st Greek Scale Up that from so early on invests in a 3-month Academy of Development of its Executives, which will lead to the creation of the corporate Leadership Culture Guidebook.

Since 2015, CollegeLink is considered the first and largest recruiting platform in Greece with specialization in entry-mid level jobs, internship positions and organization of educational programs. A recruiting platform through which 120,000 candidates and 4,000 companies can now meet. A platform that, by combining state-of-the-art technologies with the personalized needs of each business of all ranges, CollegeLink has achieved the matching between 5,000+ jobs and entry-mid-level candidates.

Startup Pathways

The main vision of Startup Pathways is to support the extroversion of the founders and the staff of Scale Up and Startups and the adoption of the basic Sustainable Development Goals. The executives of Startup Pathways have significant experience in HR positions of large Greek companies, are certified Coaches and have significant experience in the ecosystem and experience with numerous Startups and Scale Ups. The company implements Leadership Skills Academies, organizes Incubators, Accelerators and Hackathons on behalf of corporate companies and organizations, focusing exclusively on the skills of the people of the Startup Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

At the same time, it implements the Leaders Academy, the only voluntary Leadership Academy in our country, with the founders of Greek and Cypriot Scale Up in common. It maintains a significant cooperation with Microsoft for Startups, Be Your Own Boss (Corallia) and other Organizations while founders from more than 60 Scale Ups have benefited within 6 months from its programs and more than 400 from the team of Trainers and Coaches in the last 4 years.

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