Bayer-Microsoft partnership to bring cloud and new digital solutions to agriculture

Bayer announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to leverage cloud technology and create a set of science-driven digital tools and solutions for agriculture and other related sectors of the economy. 

By leveraging advanced infrastructure and new data processing capabilities, agricultural production will be able to accelerate the adoption of innovative practices, enhancing efficiency while supporting sustainable development along the entire value chain.

The modern agricultural sector benefits from the use of digital tools and the collection of information and data on platforms such as Bayer’s Climate FieldView, which is currently used by more than 180 million producers in more than 20 countries.

There is, however, space for improvement throughout the food, feed, fuel and fibre production chain, especially in terms of the energy footprint, the use of valuable natural resources, strengthening efforts to combat climate change.

Bayer and Microsoft will work together to develop new solutions that can address a number of critical issues related to the operation of agricultural facilities, the sustainable supply of raw materials, the improvement of the manufacturing and supply chains, as well as the monitoring and measurement of ESG targets.

The two companies will create infrastructure that will enable the development of advanced digital solutions and tools for agriculture. These new solutions, with built-in data processing capabilities, will be available to businesses of all sizes – from small local startups to companies with a global presence – active in agriculture and other related sectors of the economy, so that they can then integrate them into their own and the solutions they offer to their customers.

At the same time, Bayer will move forward with the transition of the core of digital agriculture applications to the new infrastructure, making it easier for its customers to develop their own solutions. The partnership between Bayer and Microsoft continues a long-standing relationship with the common goal of protecting and securing data, as well as the trust of their customers.

This partnership is an important strategic step towards Bayer’s Department of Agricultural Science ambitious goal of 100% digital-backed sales by 2030, while enhancing its ability to offer its customers advanced digital technology solutions that help them achieve more. Through digital innovation and modern data processing solutions, Bayer will create new standards for the agriculture industry.

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