B-Cube: The startup entrepreneurship lab

Envolve Entrepreneurship announced the creation of the “B-Cube” Entrepreneurship Laboratory in collaboration with the Hellenic American University/Hellenic American College. B-Cube will offer business support, entrepreneurship and service design seminars from the Envolve team and specialized market executives, as well as weekly activities such as networking activities, speeches and competitions. 

The official launch of the B-Cube will take place on Wednesday, November 3rd at 18:00 at the Hellenic American Union. The B-Cube launch event will take place in hybrid form through live streaming, as well as in-person, with a limited number of seats, due to COVID-19 measures. Face-to-face participation will be available for the first 80 people who register.

“The cultivation of the entrepreneurial culture has always been at the heart of Envolve’s mission since its inception in 2012. Through our collaboration with Hellenic American University, we bring a global perspective and best practices for the next generation of entrepreneurs, through the academic infrastructure offered by one of the leading educational institutions in Greece and the USA.B-cube will introduce students to the startup ecosystem, provide networking opportunities with successful entrepreneurs and executives, and help cultivate market skills.”, said Jimmy Athanasopoulos, President of Envolve Entrepreneurship and Head of Social Responsibility of the Libra Group, commenting on the new business laboratory that is part of the pillar of Envolve Education.

“Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the heart of economic and social development. The cultivation of entrepreneurial thought is, as it seems, the only way of development, something that we, at the Hellenic American University, promote and support. We need to provide young people with expert guidance, tools, and a place to experiment with innovative ideas and design thinking.B-Cube is such a place.”, commented Leonidas Koskos, President of Hellenic American University/Hellenic American College.

B-Cube resources will be available to students who want to develop their business idea, while entrepreneurship talks will be open to the public and bring market experts closer to the academic environment. In addition, HAU/HAUNIV will fund the summer internship in a startup for students who will have excellent academic performance and will have an and will have shown interest in entrepreneurship throughout their studies.

Envolve’s mission is based on three pillars: education, resources and awards. The nonprofit provides training for startups and early-stage businesses, while leveraging partnerships with other organizations and companies, increasing the availability of the business resources it offers.

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