Asset swaps and high investment returns by SeedBlink

The largest portfolio of individual investors on the platform amounts to about 450 thousand while the average portfolio value of an investor is valued at 20 thousand euros

SeedBlink, the European co-investment platform in tech Startups, launches a secondary market where investors can trade with each other the assets they hold, increasing the chances of returns from portfolio investments.

This initial version of the secondary market includes the tools and infrastructure to allow investors to securely buy and sell assets through the platform when a new round of funding is raised. SeedBlink plans to extend this functionality beyond new funding rounds by the end of the year, enabling investors to trade the assets of all companies in the portfolio.

Several iterations have already been tested and used by shareholders with SeedBlink investment in companies such as Cyscale and KFactory, with returns on investment ranging from 2.5 to 4.75 times. Since its launch in early 2020, SeedBlink has facilitated nearly 3,000 investments in over 60 European tech Startups.

The average portfolio size is 20,000 euros, and the total amount invested by a single investor in its portfolio is nearly half a million euros. 25% of active investors have a portfolio of more than 5 companies, with the most diversified having 30 companies.

The development of the secondary market comes shortly after the company announced its strategic expansion in Greece.

The new offices of the investment company in Athens, have entered the “game” dynamically with the aim of giving a new impetus to the domestic ecosystem of Startup entrepreneurship, with George Platanas at the “helm”, in the role of Country Manager.

“The SeedBlink platform offers a simple and highly streamlined exit process. Selling the shares took very little time and SeedBlink mediated the process very efficiently,” said Cristian Ignat, CEO of Aggranda, founder of Canopy.

“I appreciate that my relationship with SeedBlink has come full circle through Cyscale, from the opportunity analysis and investment in the project to the exit mediated by the platform. This validation gives me the confidence to continue my involvement on SeedBlink in certain startups”, stated Florin M. Pop, Managing Partner at Primainvest Capital Management.

“Investing in Startups is considered a risky business worldwide, and investors should only invest as much as they can afford to lose. We are of course pleased with the initial results, which demonstrate the performance of the portfolio companies and validate the rigorous selection process. We aim to reinvent investing in technology by breaking down barriers through lower entry thresholds, a data-driven digital platform, a unique secondary market and an ecosystem with clear synergies consisting of venture capital firms, business angels and individual investors in Europe,” noted Andrei Dudoiu, Managing Partner & President of BoD SeedBlink.

SeedBlink Circle – a community of investors and founders

In addition to launching the secondary market, the company has launched the SeedBlink Circle, a community for active members to facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas.

SeedBlink Circle is an engagement tool created specifically for investors to share their expertise and experience to impact the growth of their portfolios and companies, and for founders to engage and stay closely connected with a powerful network of partners who believe in their idea. This tool, integrated into the platform, is only available to portfolio companies and active investors.

Last but not least, SeedBlink has made several improvements to the investment platform and website, among the most important being the simplification of the investment process. By integrating DocuSign, a special software, investors can electronically sign investment contracts and additional documents directly on the platform from their laptop or smartphone.

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