800.000 euros funds for Athens-based startup “Forky”

Forky has achieved a deal with foreign equity funds in order to receive a 800.000 euros funding.

The main investors will be Jeremie Openfund II and London-based Blue Wire Capital. During the first round of funding, a Greek capital fund will also take part in and this will be its first movement in the Greek startup scene, as more investments are planned.

According to EMEAStartups.com sources, Jeremie Openfund II will invest 300.000 euros and Blue Wire Capital 200.000 euros. Some 150.000 euros will be invested by “angels” of the Greek fund.

Forky is a mobile platform of food delivering. Its network covers only a small part of Athens center for the time being and uses a special algorithm that organizes deliveries and routes and lets delivering below 10-15 mins after an order made.

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