7bridges: The Al logistics platform secured 14.8 million euros to transform supply chains

7bridges, founded in London, secured 14.8 million euros to increase the reach of its technology and data, which are used by global businesses to transform their supply chains. The VC Eight Roads led the funding with the support of the existing investors Local Globe and Crane, while an additional capital investment came from Maersk Growth.

The company was founded in 2016 by Philip Ashton and Matei Beremski, with a vision of a world where the supply chain industry is flexible, adaptable and sustainable. Through their previous work in logistics and machine learning, the founders saw an opportunity to use technology and big data to reverse the systemic waste of money and resources they observed across all global supply chains.
The Startup uses technology to activate autonomous supply chains that are customer-centric, trouble-resilient, more efficient, while helping to reduce waste and improve access to goods globally.
Today, the 7bridges platform is used by some leading brands of e-commerce, retail, pharmaceutical and manufacturing businesses around the world, giving them increased visibility in logistics and the ability to orchestrate and perform operations in all their supply chains.
Over the past two years, the performance of the global supply chain has been in the spotlight especially after the pandemic, having a big impact on people’s lives. However, the Covid pandemic exposed and accelerated the weaknesses of the supply chain at the same time, but this was not the only cause. Businesses have been struggling for years to reconnect their supplier and distribution networks, having to do with disconnected datasets, outdated technology and time-consuming processes.
This is where 7bridges comes in to offer a proprietary logistics platform that works with artificial intelligence, which transforms supply chains to provide flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective logistics solutions to both customers and consumers.

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