100mentors is seeking for a Marketing Manager!

100mentors is asking for a qualified, high caliber Marketing Manager to join its high performing team that serves a demanding client base of top academic and professional institutions and individual customers in Greece, the Balkans, UK and the US. This position requires confidence, resilience, strong organizational and communications skills, exceptional persistence, a high level of commitment, and the ability to guide and motivate others.

The company’s Marketing Manager has to be able to build and expand client relationships and take ownership for client development activities for selected accounts in Greece and abroad, work on international business development projects in a fast paced, deadline-oriented environment that requires strong multitasking qualities, assist team on consulting projects with research and information gathering, analyses and modeling of company and market data, preparation of memos, undertake company representation responsibility in various exhibitions, including presentations to foundations, institutes, schools and community events etc.

As requirements, 100mentors is considering excellent command of formal English, both written and spoken, strong interpersonal/collaboration skills with the proven ability and maturity to establish credibility/respect with a broad range of diverse business partners, internally and externally, pragmatic and disciplined approach to crafting and implementing plans, problem solving and priority setting, by paying great attention to detail and follow-up orientation, ability and willingness to coach subordinates and effectively delegate, social media branding and communications know-how, adaptability to new network based and word & data processing applications and presentation managerial tools. As a member of 100mentors, the appropriate candidate will enjoy competitive compensation package, comprehensive training, professional career development and leadership prospects, a vibrant workspace in one of the best working environments in Athens, an opportunity to work with exceptional people in their fields, and play a coordinating role in a global team etc. Those who are interested can either apply through LinkedIn or send their resume and answer to the questions at [email protected].

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