Wayra: The power of crowdfunding!

Wayra UK και Wayra UnLtd have raised something more than £1,5 million against an initial target of £1,175 million, representing an oversubscription of over £300.000!

Gary Stewart, Director of Wayra UK & Wayra UnLtd, said: “For those who have triggered the crowdfunding process, not only are they seeing great returns but their performances validate their businesses making them a more attractive proposition for both potential investors and customers”.

It’s more than obvious that crowdfunding is more than a successful and increasingly popular way of raising money for both early-stage and growing companies, as well as those who already have gained admission into an incubator or accelerator.

For example, Opendesk, a global platform for furniture making, more than doubled their target of £150.000, ending their campaign with a total of £308.370. Hubbub, a crowdfunding platform for education and non-profit businesses, added £145.470 on top of their initial goal of £250.000, with GoCarShare, PixelPin, MiniCabit, and The DoNation following the same path!

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